The Sword Lords of Restov have sent their envoys into the wilds to secure lands to the south: The Stolen Lands. It’s a bold move which could provoke the ire of Issia should their cunning plan be discovered. But these are no ordinary envoys. These are hardened adventurers thirsry to prove their mettle. Indeed, Restov have chosen to sow their seeds carefully with the hope to gain allies rather than outright taking the lands for themselves.

The kingdoms forged of the rough landscape have now begun to take shape – battling crazed druid bandits, organized trolls, and a variety of unbelievable, if not legendary, creatures. And each has felt the political growing pains of newly birthed settlements. WIll the kingdom thrive? Will they bay for their supposed Restovian masters? Or wIll they cut out an existence for themselves and ignore the call of their benefactors. The Stolen Lands are a wild place. One can never be sure.


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