Rule Variants

Unless otherwise noted here, all other established houserules, including the feat tax, are in effect. The new rules are as follows:

1) Summoning is hereby COMPLETELY unbanned.

Regardless of player count, you will be allowed to summon or otherwise be allowed to have pets.

Please OK summons with your DM.

Companions and summons will have their own initiative and act on separate turns from their master.

2) Turns may be subject to time limitations.

I will provide a one minute turn timer. Any player may then choose to activate the timer on players who are: not paying attention, are taking too long, are not at the table, or are otherwise causing unnecessary game interruptions. When the timer ends, the players turn is considered over (regardless of remaining actions available). I will not be arbitrating this. You, the players, are the masters of your own enjoyment. If time taken during a turn causes issues, I expect you to voice that opinion.

I HIGHLY encourage you to discuss this out of game, and establish a set of rules you can all agree on which will activate the timer. This is meant to relieve the stress of inattentive combat. Not increase anxiety and create barriers between players.

To prevent unnecessarily long turns, please try to mitigate as much of your turn while others are acting. D20 rolls, damage rolls, spell selection, SR checks, etc. may all be pre-rolled, written down, and presented when your turn comes up.

3) Cost of living is hereby REMOVED

It has served its purpose, and was a, sadly, underused mechanism.

4) Rule Lawyering will be limited.

It is expected that you have a fundamental understanding of your skills, spells, weapons, feats, or any other effect cause by your character. Avenues to tackle complex issues are numerous: Obsidian Portal, Facebook, E-Mail, text, breaks, etc. Please bring forward any potential issues ahead of time if feasible. Extensive rule arbitration at the table will be explicitly discouraged. Conflicts during the game, given that a majority of players deem it necessary, may be subject to a timer. See above.

The DM will be final arbiter of any rule dispute lasting a significant portion of time. Any majority reached will be, under reasonable circumstance, overruled; even if the ruling is not within alignment of RAW or RAI.

5) Hero Points are hereby removed.

Plot twist cards will be distributed instead.

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Rule Variants

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